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Lizzie’s Holiday Gift Guide 2019

by Jennifer Alexander |  | 7 comments

Can you believe it’s the Holiday season? 2019 is slowly but surely coming to an end but for now let’s bask in the ambiance of cheer and gift giving. It’s Christmastime and our all natural products make the perfect gift for that dear friend or special person in your life. We’ve added some awesome new products to our site as well just in time for you to do your Christmas shopping so let’s begin with my “All Natural Holiday Gift Guide”

Gift Ideas for the Ladies:

Sometimes shopping for ladies can be tricky, but trust me you can’t go wrong with skincare products and even better, all natural skin care products that smell amazing! Here are some great gift ideas for the ladies:

-First up would definitely be our matching gift set bundles with our Premium Artisan Crafted Bar Soap and Whipped Shea Butter. Just recently we added some new scents to our Bar Soap and Whipped Shea Butter and those are:

-Jazzy Lemon Mimosa

-Sweet Orange

-Mango Grapefruit

-Sandy Rose

-White Sage

-Oatmeal & Honey

You can also customize your own gift set as well and make it personal for that special person.

Another great gift to purchase for the ladies would be our “Skintervention Clay Mud Mask Luxe Set”. After a long day at work or a long week there is nothing like relaxing and applying a rejuvenating clay mud mask. Every lady loves to self care with facials, and our luxe set has everything your lady needs. You would get all three signature skincare products for one low price and the bundle includes:

(1) Application Clay Mud Mask Brush

(1) Clay Mud Mask

(1) You Glow Girl Facial Toner

(1) You Glow Girl Facial Serum

Also remember that if you want to purchase items in the luxe set separately you can.

-Last but not least another great gift for the ladies would be our Himalayan Sea Salt Bath Soak. Sore muscles and tired bodies can rejoice with this relaxing bath salt made with pure, all natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. Theres nothing like a nice relaxing bath and our bath soak makes the perfect gift and stocking stuffer for the ladies or anyone, and right now it’s on sale on the site at

Gift Ideas for the Fellas:

I personally love gift shopping for guys because I love to get them items that they wouldn’t think to buy themselves, but they should definitely use. A lot of times Men keep it simple when it comes to skincare and we have just the right items for them too. Here’s a list of some great products on our site that would be perfect for the men in your life.

-Shea Butter Chapstick! I’ve heard so many great reviews from men about our Shea Butter Chapstick. We have it in Vanilla and Peppermint, with peppermint being the most popular scent. Our Shea Butter chapstick in the pink tube is dedicated to women around the globe fighting and surviving breast cancer. So the pink color is for a great cause. Our chap stick is convenient, on the go and hard to lose sight of due to it's bright florescent color. Our chapstick is made with love, including all natural oils and shea butter to moisturize and soften your lips. Trust me your Father, Brother, Friend, or special guy will love this chapstick and it’s a perfect STOCKING :)

-Whipped Shea Butter is great for the guys too! We have a new scent called “Bro” just for the fellas and it smells so good. The key notes in “Bro” are sandalwood and patchouli. Our whipped shea butter has many uses. It can be used on our hair and body. You can also purchase our whipped shea butter in a gift box and pair it with a soap or chapstick for that great guy this Christmas.

-Hair and Beard Oil. Our hair and beard oil is very popular with the guys. This product was created to promote healthy hair growth and to keep the hair manageable and moisturized. It works amazing on beards and hair and comes in two scents, Patchouli Mint and Peppermint. This also makes for a great stocking stuffer.

I hope this gift guide helps and gives you a great idea of what to purchase for those special people in your life this holiday season. Our products are perfect for everyone. We have laundry detergent bundle sets and eczema butter bundles too. Gift card options are also available for purchase on our site and remember we can customize gift boxes for you as well. Make sure to shop now to take advantage of our great deals and receive your items before Christmas.

Happy Holidays from Lizzie’s All Natural Products!

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  • isaiah velez on March 23, 2020

    hello sista, i hope all is well i saw your live video on IG i just had some questions about do you have any products for very very sensitive skin? my mother is diabetic and her skin dries out and cracks alot it causes her alot of pain, especially her feet. please if you have any recommendationa for any of your products im open to all ideas. thank you for your time.

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