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Affiliate team info.

About our affiliate program

Our affiliate program was designed to help individuals gain additional income and learn more about natural products & ingredients and why they are so important to use. 

How does our affiliate program work?

Once you sign up, you will be given a unique link, you may also request to have a code (e-mail us and we got you). This code/link will be used to track your sales, and your customers may use it to shop with you. Anytime you or someone else uses your code, you can login to your affiliatly account and keep track of who has shopped with you, how much you earned etc. 

We currently have many other affiliates and they are all making money right now by sharing our products word of mouth, providing samples, and advertising through their own social media pages. Feel free to add your link or code to your bio or wherever you would like to put it to promote sales. 

How do I join?

You can join our team by clicking on the button above “Join the Team Now”. Once you get to the website, you will be able to sign up and create your account which you will also be given your code. Joining the team is FREE of charge. 

Getting paid

The commission rate of each order you generate is 15% cash back. We cash out quarterly (4 times a year) via PayPal or Cash App (whichever you prefer).   

Our expectations of you as an affiliate

Be a passionate and motivated leader or role model. Have basic knowledge and clear understanding of our company, vision, mission, goals and products. Show respect for our company and products at all times. Ability to properly educate others about the health benefits our products offer. Post content on social media at least 2 times a month promoting and advertising our products. Do not share any inside secrets, or sensitive information with anyone that is not an affiliate or associated with Lizzie's All-natural Products in some way, shape or form. Always be willing to help a team member or Last, but not least, always remember to take care of you. 

Be part of the change you want to see

We are here to help motivate and encourage others to feel extraordinary in the skin they are in. We want everyone that uses our products to know just how much thought, integrity, intention and love goes into each product we create. We need you to help us spread the word and the best part is that you get paid for it too. 

We got your back

Whatever tools you need to succeed, we will help you every step of the way.  We want to help put money in your pocket. 

We aren't done with you yet...

Being an affiliate means that you get perks, some of those perks include additional ways to make income (besides what is listed above), discounts, personalized business cards and more. 

Click the link below to join the team!