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Affiliate team info.

About our affiliate program

Our affiliate program was designed to help individuals gain a second income and learn more about natural products & ingredients and why they are so important to use. Each week Lizzie or one of our team members will host a LIVE team meeting on our private Facebook page to help inform you about our products, mission. company goals and overall help you succeed. All live meetings will be saved and can be watched later at anytime. 

How does our affiliate program work?

As an affiliate you will be given a company shirt, 500 business cards with your name, title and a special discount code to share. The discount code you are given is for you to share with your customers. Your customers can be anyone including you, your friends and/or family. In order for you to receive credit, your customer must use your special discount code. This will allow us to keep track of your sales. Affiliates can earn money by generating sales for our company. You are not required to carry product with you, unless you want to. We currently have many other affiliates and they are all making money right now by sharing our products word of mouth, providing samples, and advertising through their own social media pages. 

How do I join?

You can join our team by filling out our affiliate application which can be found at the top of our website in the tab section. Once you apply, if chosen, you will receive a welcome e-mail with instructions. To join the program is $49.99 one time fee, and then after that, your only requirement will be to make at least one purchase per month to avoid deactivation. 

Getting paid

 The starting commission rate off each order you generate is 10% with the opportunity to grow and make more with the more sales you generate. We cash out quarterly (4 times a year) via PayPal or Cash App (whichever you prefer).   

Our expectations of you as an affiliate

Be a passionate and motivated leader or role model. Have basic knowledge and clear understanding of our company, vision, mission, goals and products. Show respect for our company and products at all times. Ability to properly educate others about the health benefits our products offer. Post content on social media at least 2 times a month promoting and advertising our products. Do not share any inside secrets, or sensitive information with anyone that is not an affiliate or associated with Lizzie's All-natural Products in some way, shape or form. Always be willing to help a team member or Last, but not least, always remember to take care of you. 

Bronze Boss

Once you make $1500 in sales, you will begin to earn 15% commission on all of your orders.

Goal Getter

Once you make $3500 in sales, you will begin to make 20% on all of your orders. 

Iced Out

 Once you make $5,000 or more in sales, you will begin to make 25% on all of your orders.  

Click the link below to join the team!