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Tried Lizzie's laundry detergent and I love it! I put Lizzie's to the test with my kids grass stained white socks in a load of white towels. The socks came out completely clean! I really like the concentrated formula.

 -Sadarah B.

 I use the clay mud mask once a week and I love it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and gives a glow without looking oily. Sometimes my face feels icky and I can tell it needs a good cleanse, I pull out the mud mask and let it do it's thing. I feel like i'm giving my face a 5 star treatment when I use it. If you haven't gotten yours, you and your face are missing out! 

-Brooke W. 

I love the whipped body butter!!!!! I have received so many compliments on the scent and it does wonders for my body!!! The scent of the lemon basil is powerful but not overwhelming. It keeps my body from drying out throughout the day! Its worth every cent! 

-Jaquala M.

You are a life saver! I have a bad case of eczema on my left arm and since I've used the body wash and butter, the inflammation had went down in just a couple of days!! My skin is much smoother as well. Thank-you so much again, I will stock up on more! 

-Krista G

I recently purchased Lizzie's laundry detergent for my toddler's laundry.  Love the scent!  Love that it's safe for her eczema!  One morning just after I got it, I discovered my daughter had had a nose bleed during the night and her sheets and comforter needed to be washed.  I washed all her bedding with Lizzie's and...NO STAINS!  I'm sold! 

-Julia H.

I love the dryer balls. They truly help dry my clothes faster. For a while when I would wash my comforter, I was putting them through an extra cycle just to dry them. With the dryer balls, I didn't have to do that. On a side note, the customer service was the bomb. She really took the time to answer my questions and that made me feel very valued. 

-Mai H.

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