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Hello Summer and Hello July!

July is definitely one of the hottest months of the summer in a lot of states. The temperatures are increasing and let’s not even talk about humidity, right? Sometimes the humidity percentages are worse than the sun itself. I love the summertime, and even though times have surely changed during this Covid-19 Global pandemic, it doesn’t take away the natural seasons that Mother Nature gives. If you’re healthy and able to step out and get some sunshine aka good ole Vitamin D, I encourage you to do that. Please make sure you protect your skin first before going out into the sun. Use an all-natural safe sunscreen on your skin, don’t forget your water bottle, and your Lizzie's all-natural chapstick available on the website.

If you’re new to my blog page in general, I want to say “Welcome!” and thank you for checking my Blog Page out. Make sure you check out the different topics and blogs I have to share. Also, read the reviews on products you are interested in. There are some great stories and experiences that may help you as well. One of my favorite blogs is titled “The Eczema Struggle” which is one of the very first blogs that I released. Check it out if you have some time which it seems we all have more of these days since staying home is safer than being out a lot. In "The Eczema Struggle" blog I share my journey and eczema story. I’ve had eczema since I was a young girl so I know personally how flare-ups affect our skin and how summer heat can make our skin irritated and inflamed, but creating Lizzie's All-Natural Products has truly changed skincare for me and others that I know. One of the main reasons I was so encouraged and motivated to create all-natural products and start my business was because I know first-hand how important it is to know what we are all putting on our skin.

So, let’s get into this blog.  During the hot summer months, excessive heat and extreme humidity can cause a person with eczema to have flare-ups which can be very uncomfortable to the skin. Especially if you have seasonal eczema, those hot summer temperatures can dry your skin out much faster than cooler temps will and when you have eczema it’s so important to pay extra close attention to your sun exposure during the summer months. Staying moisturized, wearing lighter material clothing to stay cool, and of course staying hydrated with lots of h20 can help prevent your body from overheating and sweating. Another big factor in eczema flare-ups during the summer is sweat. So when we go outside and it’s hot out or bodies will naturally sweat, as a way to help cool our bodies off but when you have eczema or a skin rash that precipitation can actually trigger your skin to itch, burn, or may even cause dry outs from your body overheating, sweating, and then when sweat dries on your skin it can cause irritation and itchiness. My all-natural eczema butter will help keep your skin moisturized all day and all you need is a small amount each use. So, if you’re sick of steroids, tired of the scratching and flaky skin, definitely go to the site now and get your Eczema Butter, you will be glad you did. Having eczema during the summer can be tough to manage but worry no more if you are reading this and also have eczema, leave your worries behind and please moisturize your skin daily and my Eczema Butter will work for you, a little is all you need every day to help repair and heal your skin. It soothes your skin and is a natural healing butter too. Ditch those steroid creams and over the counter products and see for yourself on the Products by Lizzie website.

Remember this summer to stay moisturized, hydrated, safe, and stress-free. Stress is no good for our skin. Glow with All Natural Products. Shop Lizzie's and spread the word. Best wishes to you all for a Happy Summer! 




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