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Sweet Tooth (How Sugar Can Trigger Your Eczema)

by Mia Perry |  | 20 comments

Sweet Tooth (How Sugar Can Trigger Your Eczema)

Eating sweet treats is one of the simpler joys of life. For some it may be an aid in relaxation, to help as a mood booster, or just overall satisfaction. But for those that struggle with eczema flare ups having a sweet tooth can cause insecurities, pain, and irritation. Certain triggers from sugars in those delectable treats can be a trigger for those that struggle with Eczema. Continue to read to find out what Products by Lizzies offers to help with those Eczema flare ups that were caused by that late night chocolate run. Trust me we are all guilty of it. 

What you eat may not be the underlying cause of those Eczema flare ups but most foods that contain sugar products can trigger a flare up. This is not a blog post to tell you to stop eating those sweet treats that makes you feel good, but a post to give awareness to those unwanted flare ups. Also, to let you know that Product by Lizzies has a product that can help to relieve your triggers. Our eczema butter is formulated to reduce and diminish flare ups due to your guilty pleasures. Containing ingredients that are anti-fungal, aid in relief, and help to repair damaged skin. With a dose of confidence mixed in, but that's not mentioned on the label.

Products by Lizzie’s all natural Eczema butter creates a creamy coat of protection for your skin. The relief is almost instant, just like that first bite into a piece of chocolate your sweet tooth has been satisfied. That feeling is very reciprocal to the feeling of the eczema butter covering your skin, reducing irritation and that dreadful itch. Each jar is crafted with the best ingredients, allowing the skin to repair itself. Unlike most products you won’t have to trial run and have the fear of the new product causing more irritation. Take time to use the best for your skin, even when it feels like it has been at its worst.

Having a sweet tooth is okay. Life is way too short to not eat what makes you happy. But also, life is also too short to not to care about your skin. A few takeaways from this blog:

  1. Be aware of certain foods that you are eating that may cause your flare ups. Some of those foods may be (certain milks, juice drinks, desserts)
  2. Make a log of sweet treats that cause irritation and try to reduce how often you consume them.
  3. Products by Lizzie’s Eczema Butter aids in relief, and helps to reduce flare ups.
  4. Protect your skin.

If you have not tried the all natural eczema butter and needed a sign to try it. This is your sign. Our Eczema butter comes in a 4oz container or a 8oz container. Giving you a chance to try out a smaller size to show you how well it works. Or if you are all about using all natural products the 8 oz jar is just for you. You also have the option of subscribing to have your product mailed to you before the Eczema butter runs out. Something that is a complete life saver. To also experience the full effect of the Eczema butter try the bundle that includes a bar of Oatmeal soap and a jar of Eczema butter. Everything is better in a bundle. Just like that buy one, get one chocolate bar. Make sure you visit the website fully to see other products that can benefit your skin. I hope that you enjoy this blog. Make sure that you subscribe for more blog posts like these. 

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