Top 4 essential oils: For Peace During A Pandemic


Remaining healthy has been on the top of the list for most since the middle of 2020. Some have tried at-home remedies, holistic approaches, DIY disinfectants, and just maintaining and keeping a distance. But have you considered adding essential oils to your safety regimen? In this blog, essential oils from our collection will be discussed to help you combat quarantine with an aroma created to help you find your peace.

Lizzie’s All-natural Products offers nine essentials oils that can be used collectively in your regimen or individually. Although exploring each scent is highly recommended, in this blog I will highlight the top four essential oils that will help to refresh your space.

Top 4 Essential Oils 
Sweet Orange
  1. Lemon scent will not only help to disinfect your hotspot areas (i.e. kitchen appliances, hardwood floor, countertops) This scent also helps to bring you a feeling of positivity when either inhaled through your essential oil diffuser or spritz bottle.

  2. Peppermint aids as your mood booster when you are feeling gloomy during quarantine. peppermint oil also helps to relieve headaches and body aches which are two symptoms of COVID-19 but the use of this oil can be a replacement for other forms of medicine.

  3. Sweet orange can be used as an antibacterial disinfectant or as a calming spritz for your home. The spritz aids in refreshing your space.

  4. Frankincense is the all-purpose scent! It can be used in your diffuser as a stress reliever, refreshing the air in your space, also as an antiviral/antibacterial disinfectant. 

 *One secret to releasing an immune booster into your space, would be adding two of the four scents together: The two secret scents are sweet orange and frankincense. Combined together they release a sweet and earthy scent through your space. These properties combined together will lift the mood in your space as well as disinfect the air. For best results use an oil diffuser.

Consider utilizing these top four essential oils in your space. Whether it’s in your home, worn during the day, or used on the go. Essential oils are one of the natural ways of fighting viruses and contain soothing properties. Please do not rely on essential oils to be a healer of any illness, please follow instructions from a licensed physician if you become ill. 

Explore our website for the entire collection of essential oils. Let Lizzie's all-natural Products help to create peace in your space during this pandemic. Let’s also continue to work together and stop the spread of COVID-19. Wear your mask, keep your distance, and add essential oils to your protection list. Subscribe for more blogs like these! Leave a comment and send this blog to a friend.


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