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Original Clay Mud Mask


**Great for individuals with Eczema


You can use it as a face mask, hair shampoo, or even apply it to areas of your body that are affected by eczema, psoriasis etc. such as your legs, arms or back! Bentonite clay detoxes your skin by removing toxins. When this clay is mixed with water, it gives it a negative electric charge which is how it is able to cleanse the body. If you desire clear, fresh, and vital skin, below are even more reasons to give this clay a try! You can also use this clay as a baby powder or even in your bath for a detoxifying bath soak!

• Unclogs and shrinks pores

• Softens skin

• Draws out toxins from skin

• Gives your face a glow

• Exfoliates the skin

• Reduces the appearance of scars

• Regenerate skin tissue

• Gives you an even skin tone

• Reduces oily skin

• Purifies and detoxes skin

• Cleanses skin

• Good for irritated skin

• Soothes sensitive skin

• Treats acne

• Natural hair shampoo

• Exfoliates dead cells

• Soaks up sweat and oils from underarms and neutralizes bad body odor.

• Increases blood circulation

Mask Instructions:

1. Completely remove all traces of makeup. You want to apply a clay mask on a really clean face. If applying to other parts of the body ensure the area is clean.

2. Mix 1-3 tsp of clay with a liquid substance (I.e. distilled water, aloe vera, green tea) I personally like using water.

3. Apply the clay mask evenly all over the face, neck and or whatever area you may be applying it to. Avoid the skin around the eyes at all cost. This skin is quite thin and can get damaged easily. 

4.  Let the mask completely dry on your skin if you can (recommended).

5. To properly remove the mask just splash enough warm water on face and with the fingertips give a gentle massage scrubbing in circular motion until the clay is completely re-hydrated, rinse off and pat dry with a face towel. OR you may take a warm washcloth and lay it over your face for a few seconds, take off, then rise face & pat dry. Do not use any soap or cleanser after or to remove.

6. Apply a toner to prepare your skin for the best absorption of moisturizers or facial oils. 

7. After the toner has dried or evaporated from your skin, apply a light layer of moisturizer or oil. Don’t over-do it. You should aim to replenish the skin rather than smother it.

15 + face mask uses per package. However, this number may vary if using mask on other parts of the body such as your legs for eczema.This mask is only to be used on your face 2-3 times a week, NOT EVERYDAY** If you are applying mask to other areas of your body (i.e. legs, arms) you may use it daily. Always follow with a toner and a light layer of moisture (i.e; coconut oil, shea butter).

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay

Original Clay Mud Mask

Original Clay Mud Mask