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Clay Mud Mask
Clay Mud Mask
Clay Mud Mask
Clay Mud Mask

Clay Mud Mask


You can use it as a face mask, hair shampoo, or even apply it to areas of your body that are affected by eczema, psoriasis etc. such as your legs, arms or back! Bentonite clay detoxes your skin by removing toxins. When this clay is mixed with water, it gives it a negative electric charge which is how it is able to cleanse the body. If you desire clear, fresh, and vital skin, below are even more reasons to give this clay a try! You can also use this clay as a baby powder or even in your bath for a detoxifying bath soak!



• Unclogs and shrinks pores

• Softens skin

• Draws out toxins from skin

• Gives your face a glow

• Exfoliates the skin

• Reduces the appearance of scars

• Regenerate skin tissue

• Gives you an even skin tone

• Reduces oily skin

• Purifies and detoxes skin

• Cleanses skin

• Good for irritated skin

• Soothes sensitive skin

• Treats acne

• Natural hair shampoo

• Exfoliates dead cells

• Soaks up sweat and oils from underarms and neutralizes bad body odor.

• Increases blood circulation


Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay


This 8 ounce jar can make up to 50+ Face masks! 

Clay Mud Mask

Clay Mud Mask