10 Reasons Why Oatmeal is Amazing for Eczema


As spring has come and summer will be here soon. Here are a few reasons to consider adding oatmeal to your skin regime for the warmer weather to come. 

Oatmeal serves as a natural alternative to help heal troubled skin. Oatmeal properties are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that not only help with other health concerns or to manage weight, but also serves as one of the leading ingredients that will help to aid in rescuing your skin. 

Below are a few reasons why oatmeal is amazing for your eczema:

  1. Helps dry skin
  2. Soaks up moisture
  3.  Act as a exfoliate
  4. Anti-itch
  5. Restore trouble skin
  6. Adds moisture
  7. Anti inflammatory
  8. Amazing and natural scent
  9. Soothing 
  10. Helps to improve skin appearance

 Oatmeal will help clear up any issues you may have caused by eczema. Oatmeal allows moisture to “stick” to your skin which will help you stay moisturized throughout the day, preventing the feeling of dry skin. Oatmeal can be used as an exfoliate to help to remove any dry skin patches that may occur due to eczema and also allows for restorement of your skin. Which will help to improve your skin appearance. One of the first problems with the battle with eczema, is the itch or that the skin feels inflamed. Oatmeal will help with that constant itch and acts an anti inflammatory agent when your skin feels at its worse. Creating a soothing method.

  A large percentage of our all natural skincare items are crafted with oatmeal. Making our company a leading choice for your eczema needs. Whether the ingredient is mixed in our artisan soap, whipped shea butter, eczema butter, or body oil. Each product will provide you with relief. 

Visit our website to explore the large range of items that are made to help rescue & repair eczema worries and replace those worries with relief. Each product is crafted with love and all natural ingredients. Try something good for your skin today. 

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