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Colder Weather and Managing your Skin.

by Mia Perry |

Sweater weather has quickly approached us. One day we woke up to 60 degree weather to 20 degrees overnight. Trust me you were not the only one who was not prepared for the temperature drop. Summer left in a blink and here is Winter. Just when you thought you perfected your skin care routine, it is now time to switch it up. With each season change your skin changes with it.  It is all about keeping up and adjusting your skin care regimen with each season.

Winter causes for more layers, bigger jackets, and the dreaded turning on your heat. With those changes for the season comes dryer skin and sometimes increased skin irritation. The number one cause of skin irritation during colder months are the clothing that we wear. So with that, be mindful and stay away from heavier sweaters that are made with synthetic materials and wool. Try to aim for a light sweater made from cotton and use layers and a heavy jacket. This will help to reduce irritation and your skin while still keeping you warm. Also, balance the heat in your home with the use of a humidifier, this not only helps the air flow in your home but it also helpful for your skin. Opening your windows once a day will also help the heat barriers in home. Open a window and feel the crisp air of Winter, but don’t forget to close it. Products by Lizzies have taken the time to carefully craft products that will help you get through this cozy season with satisfied skin while bundling up. 

Speaking of layers, try using the “layering method” for your skin to allow for maximum protection for your skin. First wash your skin with Products by Lizzies artisan Eczema soap aim for the unscented scent this will prevent more irritation.  Secondly use our Eczema butter unscented this will feel like butter on your skin and a little definitely will take you far. Be sure to evenly disperse on your skin and really focus on your problem areas. Third step would be to use our Eczema oil which contains oatmeal and shea butter oil which helps to not only soothe your skin but helps seal in the necessary moisture your skin needs. Think of these steps like “phone, wallet, keys” something that will help you to remember before you bundle up for your day. 

Don’t let your skin ruin your holidays. Strive for smooth and relaxed skin into the New Year because you deserve it. The wonderful products mentioned to help you manage your skin during this colder season will be mentioned below:

1.Eczema artisan soap (unscented)

2.Eczema butter with oatmeal (unscented)

3.Eczema oil 

Create your own layering method by exploring our website. Discover more all natural products and scents that will help you to reach your skincare goals. Don’t forget to also explore our home products and sage to elevate your Products by Lizzies experience. Make sure that you subscribe to our blog for more posts like these. Feel free to leave a comment and share.

See you next blog, Happy Holidays!🎄

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