How To Shorten Your Next Skin Irritation


Waking up the next morning to inflamed skin is nothing short of a nightmare. The question is what do you do when this happens? How can you reduce the irritation? Below helpful solutions will be discussed. Next time your morning turns into a nightmare, let this blog be your guide to shortening your next skin irritation.

Combating skin irritations can be a consistent battle just depending on your skin's sensitivity. First thing on the list don’t fret, let these tips help you when you wake up to the unexpected. Irritation usually occurs to those who suffer from eczema due to having an overactive immune system when triggered by a substance outside or inside the body.
Most of the time, skin irritation due to Eczema or sensitive skin usually appears out of nowhere. Leaving you feeling like there is no solution. The secret is to find a product that will help soothe your skin and shorten your symptoms such as our Eczema Butter or Eczema oil, Holy Grail Body Elixir and more. Lizzie’s All Natural Products stays true to the motto to lessen the itch and ensure relief. 
   Four Easy Tips For Relief:
  • Cleanse your face or problem area gently with cool water (using water only helps to reduce any further irritation).
  • Spritz with Products by Lizzies You Glow Girl Toner
  • Moisturize area with Products by Lizzies Holy Grail Body Elixir 
  • Soothe with Products by Lizzies Eczema Butter or Eczema Oil  (a little goes a long way)

*For added relief use Products by Lizzies Clay Mud Mask, twice a week in the duration of your irritation which helps detox the skin, unclogs pores, softens the skin and more.


To assist with better skin days ahead. Never let a day go by without treating your skin to something good. Each product listed above is made all natural and caters to problem skin. The next time you wake up to an irritation this is the holy grail routine to reduce your symptoms rapidly. Thank me later! 
You can find this product list on the website, which is super user friendly and easy to navigate. This blog was written to help with your next skin irritation and assist in shortening your symptoms.
Each tip and product may not work for all individuals. Allow your skin time to adjust, especially if you are new to using the products and keep in mind that our skin often gets worse before it gets better. This is mainly because it’s either trying to detox and rid itself of the bad stuff or that your skin is simply trying to get used to new products (especially if you are new to using natural products).
Healthy skin is beautiful, give yourself some grace and adequate time to get better. 


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