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Skincare Nightcap

by Mia Perry |

Before bed routines are often skipped because by the end of the day we are exhausted and ready to get into bed to do it all over again tomorrow.  Trust, we have all been there, and it is okay we are not robots, but we have to take time to take care of our skin whether it is at night or during the day. Creating a routine not only prevents premature aging of the skin but also creates a constant glow. 

Skip the harsh chemicals and switch to something made natural for your skin. Lizzie’s All-natural Products creates the perfect balance of natural and hydrating ingredients. Not all products that are listed as “natural” are hydrating for your skin, but we take the time to craft products that work. 

When creating the perfect night time routine it may take trial and error, especially when caring for troubled skin.  Take the time to be gentle with your skin, nothing great is built over night so take it slow. Begin by taking a cold/warm shower. I know we believe that hot showers wash the day away but if you struggle with eczema or dry skin, taking a cooler shower is better for your skin and helps create relief. Start off by cleansing your skin with our oatmeal & honey soap. Both properties in this soap helps to relieve any problem areas that you may have. The oatmeal creates a soothing feeling and the honey acts as a special laying coat to lock in moisture in your skin and also helps to fight off bacteria. 

Before drying off lather your skin with our Eczema oil. The oil helps to keep your skin hydrated at night and prevents that nighttime itch that some may experience. Leaving you with a better night's sleep. 

Lets not forget about the most important part, your face. Make sure your skin is washed with your favorite cleanser or plain water will do. Spritz your skin with our You Glow Girl Toner and seal in moisture with our You Glow Girl Facial serum.  Your skin will thank you! 

Look... only four products were discussed in this blog. It doesn’t take alot to create the perfect night time routine and this only takes under 5min to complete. Invest in your daytime glow today. Who knew that your skincare nightcap could be so easy. 

Let’s be more proactive in taking care of our skin, you only get one to take care of and love. Visit our website to shop for the products listed above. Let’s make night time routines simple again. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more blog posts like these each month. Happy Shopping!

Products listed: Oatmeal & Honey Artisan bar soap, You glow girl face serum, You glow girl toner, Eczema Oil

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