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Stop the Itch

by Mia Perry |  | 4 comments

With seasons changing we have different types of triggers to our skin, that could occur at any moment. Some individuals dread the cooler months, because with that comes dryer skin and skin irritations. We have a solution for all those fall worries. Products by Lizzie’s, all natural products, are like a skin wizard! Our Eczema Butter is curated to relieve itching, irritation and inflammation for troubled skin. Relieving the three I’s and aiding in helping you feel comfortable in your skin.

Products by Lizzies Eczema Butter have 6 key ingredients that will help to Stop The Itch. Those ingredients are sea buckthorn oil, colloidal oats, coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, safflower oil, and blackseed oil. This is a small breakdown of a few of those  ingredients noted and how they can help with the dreaded three I’s:

  • Itching: Colloidal Oats(oatmeal) helps to soothe the itchy skin during cooler months
  • Irritation: Black seed oil helps to fight off viral, bacterial and fungal infection that causes the irritation of your skin
  • Inflammation: Sea Buckthorn oil aids in reduction of inflammation and also helps to heal previous scarring or wounds you may have.

And guess what? All of these great ingredients are wrapped into one magical bottle to help reduce and diminish those problem areas of your skin from head to toe. No need to hide your skin this fall when we have a product made just for you! 

Our Eczema Butter comes in a 4oz container and yes 4 ounces could sound like a little, but trust me this product will last you through the duration of fall. In hopes of giving you time to fall in love with your skin and potentially subscribing for a monthly order. Yes we have subscriptions! Which not only saves you money, but we send products to you before that unexpected last drop. Products by Lizzie’s promises that a little goes a long way, preserve your product don’t waste it. Your skin will love you for committing to what feels good.

No longer does “sweater weather “ have to be a fear for you. While our Eczema Butter is not made to cure your skin, we sure do make a great product that will definitely make you and your skin feel new. Not only do we focus on the surface of your skin, we aim to make sure that you are living a healthy lifestyle and your skin will show it. 

*Tips: Take the time to find out what triggers your skin. Drink more water and make sure you are gentle with yourself and your skin. Unlike most competitors we carefully make sure that each product is made with love and ingredients that helps each customer. So dump (sustainable of course) what doesn’t work and go with something that is proven to improve your troubled skin. 

Browse our website to view more products that may help to relieve your Eczema symptoms like our all natural body wash, laundry detergents, and Bentonite clay masks. Our products are made 100% for you so why wait to try. I hope that you enjoy this blog and look out for more topics like this and more tips to help relieve your troubled skin. 

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